fintract OCR-API

Conveniently digitize invoices and receipts.

Optimize your invoice workflow
with our OCR solution.

Automating invoice processing helps you avoid potential sources of error, speeds up your invoice processing, and saves you money.

Everyone is familiar with this. In our everyday lives, we accumulate a considerable flood of documents every day – both on paper and, increasingly, in electronic form: Incoming or outgoing invoices, entertainment receipts, fuel receipts, and numerous other documents. In many companies, these are read out manually and entered into the company’s accounting system. Since the individual pieces of information are often found in different places and different spellings depending on the document, this is a source of errors and costs your employees a lot of time.

Nowadays, digitizing receipts and thus automating your invoice processing is surprisingly easy. Due to state-of-the-art OCR technology (OCR = Optical Character Recognition), data can be automatically extracted from various document types and converted into structured data. fintract provides the results in JSON format and transfers them to your system in real-time.

Using the REST API interface, the link to a document management system (DMS), an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or an accounting system, for example, can be implemented quickly and at a low cost.

Complete Solution for your invoice processing

Are you looking for a complete solution for your invoice processing beyond fintract OCR-API?
In that case, perhaps our all-in-one invoice solution GetMyInvoices is just what you’re looking for.

How are invoices digitized with fintract OCR?

Through many years of experience, our OCR is well trained and continuously improved. Therefore, text recognition of individual invoice data is a breeze. These include, among others:

  • Invoice issuer incl. address
  • Invoice recipient incl. address
  • Invoice number
  • Net amount
  • Tax rate and amount
  • Gross amount
  • Invoice items
  • VAT number

Do you want to automate more
than just invoices?

fintract OCR has already been used for many years in various business areas.
Therefore, we can guarantee fast integration, especially for the digitization of standard documents.

Invoices and receipts

Bank and credit card statements

Transfer forms

Identity documents