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Today, digitalization is everywhere. It has significantly changed the way we work and live. Video conferencing is now commonplace in many professions. In this regard, the Corona pandemic played a major role. More and more people are ordering groceries online, paying at the checkout with their mobile phones, booking holidays increasingly on the internet. Technological change is in full swing.

The digitalization of the economy is progressing rapidly and has accelerated: Documents are being digitized. 3D printers produce machine parts that are assembled by robots. Sales have also become increasingly digitalized. A chatbot is becoming more and more normal. Artificial intelligence in particular has the potential to fundamentally change processes in industry and business.

For this purpose, the digital transformation not only provides new products and services, but also demands new solutions: Topics such as intelligent networking, the greatest possible IT security, automated processes, processing of data in a powerful data structure and DSGVO in business are coming to the fore.

The fino Group supports the digital transformation with innovative solutions. Through digitalization, you design your complex business processes more efficiently and save costs with a significant gain in time. In addition, you gain a competitive advantage and invest profitably in the future.

Document aggregation

The simplification of communication between customers and sales or law firm clients through digitalization is an important topic. But also, the exchange of documents or access under the highest IT security. The fino Group automatically brings together data from different sources such as the client portal, e-mail, and others. For this purpose, we use an internal IT solution to eliminate manual activities and save time. Our search technology immediately finds your document and transfers it to your desired system under strict data protection guidelines. In the process, the documents are automatically digitized using the latest OCR technology.

Data transfer

The fino Group not only imports documents from a wide variety of sources, but also develops individual document management systems that synchronize with several systems, such as DATEV and others. We take care of your perfect workflow.

Digital legitimation

You will come across the term “legitimation” again and again in banking transactions, dealings with the authorities or at the post office. This refers to the fact that both contracting parties must be authorized and legitimate to conclude a legal transaction. Proof of legitimacy is required for this. In Germany, this is done for private individuals by means of an identity card or passport. In some other countries, this can be the driving license. The legitimation check can be carried out online using various procedures, such as: Video-Ident, Face-Scan, online ID function with PIN entry and others.

fintract COVID-Check

By using the latest OCR technology, we enable a quick online check of all relevant COVID-19 documents and optionally the identity documents.

Digital signature

Do your work faster and more conveniently from a distance. Whether it’s letters of offer, sales contracts, account openings or authorizations, the digital signature is the solution for signing a wide variety of documents from virtually anywhere and at any time.

The digital signature serves to authenticate digital messages and confirms that messages come from a known source and have not been altered during transmission. A digital signature is the equivalent of a manual signature, although a properly implemented digital signature is harder to forge than a handwritten one.

Digitally signed messages can be emails, general texts or usually contracts. These are sent via a cryptographic protocol. If you need an implemented digital signature for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Manual data collection

As a FinTech company, fino clearly stands for digitalization. However, we also see the big picture and agree that today’s technology is not yet advanced enough to cover all areas of manual data entry automatically.

In some cases, data must be compiled from a wide variety of sources or entered different systems. Some data is so unstructured that it can only be automated at great expense, while other projects require upstream research and/or data validation. OCR also reaches its limits with handwritten documents.

Where does manual data entry make sense?

  • During research work
  • During data cleansing
  • In master data maintenance
  • When entering trade fair reports, surveys, competitions

Wherever numerous data sources are used, data is difficult to capture digitally, or automation would not make economic sense.

We offer you the complete package: Wherever it makes sense to digitize data, we use our OCR. Where, on the other hand, uncomplicated and resource-saving solutions for manual data transfer are required, we offer you access to our pool of highly qualified data capturers. A combination of both is of course also possible. We will be happy to advise you and together we will find a solution for your individual requirements.

Individuelle Preisgestaltung für maßgeschneiderte Lösungen.

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Your personal contact:

Marco Paparella
Head of Sales

Your personal contact:

Marco Paparella
Head of Sales