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Calculate the pension gap
with our OCR solution.

With the automation of pension information, you can quickly determine the expected statutory retirement pension.

Employees and insured persons regularly receive information about their acquired pension entitlements, including annually from the age of 27 from German pension insurance or through private insurers. This information is used to calculate the expected net pension or a possible pension gap. In addition, such information can be used for customer insights, e.g., in Beyond Banking.

Using fintract OCR-API, the digitization of pension information is quite simple. Optical text recognition (OCR = Optical Character Recognition) automatically reads data from documents, extracts it in real-time, and converts it into structured data. The data output is JSON and then transferred to your system via a REST API interface. You can quickly implement a connection to existing systems, such as a customer relationship management system (CRM), cost-effectively. This way, pension data can be processed promptly, e.g., to calculate pension gaps or create customer profiles.

How is pension information digitized with fintract OCR?

Our OCR reliably reads individual pension data. This includes:

  • Name of the pensioner
  • Address of the pensioner
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Expected pension
  • Start of pension

Do you want to automate other documents beyond pension information?

fintract OCR has already been used for many years in various business areas.
Therefore, we can guarantee fast integration, especially for the digitization of standard documents.

Invoices and receipts

Bank and credit card statements

Transfer forms

Identity documents

Extracts from the commercial register

Payment advices

Delivery notes