Digitize payrolls

with fintract OCR API.

Generate your customer profile in no time
with our OCR solution.

Automate payroll to perform real-time credit checks, such as for lending.

Digitizing payrolls with fintract OCR is quite simple: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically reads data from documents, extracts it in real-time, and converts it into structured data. The data output is JSON and then transferred to your system via a REST API interface. A connection to existing systems, such as a customer relationship management system (CRM) or enterprise resource planning system (ERP), can be implemented cost-effectively and quickly.

As a result, salary data can be further processed promptly, for example, to create customer profiles, perform credit checks, or calculate pension gaps. In this way, you implement Beyond Banking intelligently.

How are payrolls digitized with fintract OCR?

We have been using our OCR successfully for several years and are continuously improving it. Therefore, text recognition of individual billing data is a piece of cake. These include, among others:

  • Name of the employee
  • Address of the employee
  • Date of birth of the employee
  • Tax class