Insurance policies

with fintract OCR-API.

Create customer profiles instantly
using our OCR solution.

Using automated policy reading, you can also easily optimize the policing process and benefit from a shortened policing time.

It is often time-consuming to sift through old insurance contracts, as individual pieces of information can be found in different places and spellings, depending on the document and provider.

Nowadays, digitizing insurance policies using AI-supported OCR (= Optical Character Recognition) is no longer a problem. It automatically reads out all relevant data quickly. This way, you can easily create customer profiles and make it easier for your sales department to prepare offers. By digitizing your insurance policies, you can significantly shorten the policy issuing process.

How are insurance policies digitized with fintract OCR?

We have been using our OCR successfully for several years and are continuously improving it. Therefore, text recognition of individual insurance data is a breeze. These include, among others:

  • Insurance number
  • Customer number
  • Policyholder
  • Sum insured
  • Annual premium

Would you like to automate other documents
besides insurance policies?

fintract OCR has already been used for many years in various business areas.
Therefore, we can guarantee fast integration, especially for the digitization of standard documents.

Invoices and receipts

Bank and credit card statements

Transfer forms

Identity documents

Extracts from the commercial register

Payment advices

Delivery notes


Pension information