Easily check-in

with fintract OCR-API.

Digitize your COVID check
with our OCR interface.

Automated recognition of COVID-19 proofs can significantly speed up your check-in process and thus increase your customers' satisfaction.

fintract OCR automatically detects all types of COVID-19 proofs, such as vaccination and convalescence proofs or test results. Using optical character recognition (OCR) or the green passport, all relevant data is recognized via a QR code and extracted from the corresponding documents. This is then followed by a plausibility check, an optional comparison with existing legitimation data in the system, or an extended ID check. The customer can complete the booking in the booking system or the app as usual if the verification is successful. A corresponding error message is issued in the event of a negative statement or inconsistencies, resulting in an individual check.

A clear advantage for the customer is the COVID check in advance. They can check in on the day of travel or work without worrying about inconvenient formalities or annoying queues.

What types of data can be read from COVID proofs?

The OCR has already been used successfully since 2021 and is constantly being improved. Therefore, text recognition of individual identity and health data is accessible. These include, among others:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of test
  • Type of Corona test
  • Performing test laboratory
  • Vaccination date
  • Inoculant
  • Performing vaccination center
  • Date of illness (positive test result)
  • Date of Recovery (negative test result)

Are you looking to automate other processes with OCR text recognition
in addition to the COVID check?

fintract OCR has already been used for many years in various business areas.
Therefore, we can guarantee fast integration, especially for the digitization of standard documents.

Invoices and receipts

Bank and credit card statements

Transfer forms

Identity documents

Extracts from the commercial register

Payment advices

Delivery notes