fintract OCR-API -

the smart solution for data extraction

Seeking a flexible and easy-to-integrate OCR
interface for yourself and/or your customers?

fintract is the cloud-based OCR software solution that is customizable and reliably extracts data with the highest recognition rates.

For DMS (Document Management System) & Accounting Software Providers

A DMS standardizes the process from creating and editing to centrally storing documents. Use our excellent OCR for your DMS for you and your customers. Take advantage of other features like the portals of GetMyInvoices. Write us a message about this.

For ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers.

The term ERP describes the resource planning of a company. Using an ERP system for company-specific, timely, and demand-oriented planning and control of tasks, personnel, financial resources, and materials, or are you a provider of an ERP system? Why not integrate our OCR fintract for invoices and delivery bills for yourself and your customers? This way, you offer added value for your customers and can attract additional customers due to a higher offer.

ForECM (Enterprise Content Management) providers.

An ECM encompasses analog or digital structured, weakly structured, and unstructured information through technologies for capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and making available. With an ECM solution, a strategy is defined on how to deal with these documents. You, too, can use our OCR for invoices and delivery bills to structure and digitize them.

For PPS (production planning and control system) providers

Production planning and control (PPS) is a branch of production management that deals with a company’s planning, monitoring, and operational control. A software solution supports responsible persons from purchasing and sales analysis and decision-making for production planning and management. Integrate our OCR into your production processes.

OCR for optimizing application processes in HR (Human Resource Management)

Employees in HR are often occupied with routine tasks and have little time to deal comprehensively with applicants and employees. Humanistic, strategic, and innovation-oriented activities include talent development, policy implementation, and employee retention. Many processes are heavily document-heavy. These can be read for OCR and prepared for further processing. Once an application is received, batch processing can be performed to classify all documents and extract relevant data, which is then used as the basis for matching against your job requisition using RPA software.

For CRM (Customer Relationship Management) providers

Maintaining a CRM takes a lot of time. Especially after a trade show visit, you collect many new business cards. Why don’t you use our Scan-SDK combined with our OCR to scan business data and automatically create them in your CRM?

Joint IT projects

The demand for networked software is increasing. Customers increasingly want all-in-one solutions and compatibility. Do you need solutions from the fino Group for a joint project? Then please feel free to contact us.

Did you know?

fino has an extensive portfolio of innovative B2B software products, making it one of Europe’s leading companies in the financial services industry.

Your personal contact:

Marco Paparella
Head of Sales
[email protected]

Your personal contact:

Marco Paparella
Head of Sales
[email protected]