OCR for
Healthcare Sector

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    You can save a lot of time and money with automated document processing and by using specially developed OCR for healthcare.

    Speed, accuracy, and reliability are crucial elements in the management of medical and pharmacy documents. Professionals in the healthcare sector handle tons of paperwork, including diagnosis reports, prescriptions, claim forms, and benefit explanation papers.

    Such documents, therefore, must be stored securely while being readily accessible and safely updatable, thus not hindering the delivery of quality healthcare services to patients.

    OCR for Healthcare Automation

    Your healthcare facility will benefit from secure archives that process diverse complex paperwork and offer secure digital access to a patient’s medical information.

    Moreover, it should be a solution that lets you transfer data from hardcopy (paper) to softcopy (digital) without costing much of your precious time, money, and effort.

    The document management software we offer gives peace of mind because you know crucial medical data for your patients is securely archived and readily available.

    OCR for Healthcare Benefits

    Specially developed OCR for healthcare provides the right technology for effective management – an intricate data system. It thus allows you to become better on improving services to ensure you deliver quality healthcare.

    OCR for Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS)

    By having the support of high standard OCR application, all doctor’s records and documents coming from patients as well as contracts with health insurance providers can be scanned, digitized and electronically saved.

    Information from particular fields in medical files or doctor’s correspondence can be taken and sent to HIMS or various other systems for implementation into patients’ medical data records.

    OCR and Electronic Health Record (EHRs)

    By using OCR, all paper records and documents can be digitally saved.

    For example, lab test results, medical records, and all other important files can be attached to the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHRs) and simply found any time through keywords query.

    OCR Application for Pharmacies

    By scanning patients’ prescriptions, data from printed documents can be taken out by OCR process and stored into software for pharmacies.

    With data found on medical prescriptions and kept in a customer database, pharmacy personnel can easily access buyer histories right away for effective service and assistance.

    OCR for Health Insurance Services

    Details necessary to health insurance suppliers can be taken from health insurance packages, medical records, or invoices for medical treatment and used by other applications for all further steps.

    Client documentation and invoices can be digitally kept and when necessary located very fast by using keywords query.

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