fintract manual.

Stay flexible
with manual data acquisition.

Does manual data entry still meet
the needs of today's world?

Definitely! In some areas, manual processes are indispensable.

As a FinTech company, fino clearly stands for digitalization. However, we also see the big picture and agree that today’s technology is not yet advanced enough to cover all areas of manual data entry automatically.

In some cases, data must be compiled from a wide variety of sources or entered different systems. Some data is so unstructured that it can only be automated at great expense, while other projects require upstream research and/or data validation. OCR also reaches its limits with handwritten documents.

Where does manual data entry make sense?

  • During research work
  • During data cleansing
  • In master data maintenance
  • When entering trade fair reports, surveys, competitions

Wherever numerous data sources are used, data is difficult to capture digitally, or automation would not make economic sense.

We offer you the complete package: Wherever it makes sense to digitize data, we use our OCR. Where, on the other hand, uncomplicated and resource-saving solutions for manual data transfer are required, we offer you access to our pool of highly qualified data capturers. A combination of both is of course also possible. We will be happy to advise you and together we will find a solution for your individual requirements.

Your Benefits for greater Flexibility.


Comprehensive onboarding and regular training for our employees are essential to us.


We pay attention to accuracy and regularly check the quality of our results.


Our international team can efficiently process data in a wide range of languages.

Fair Pricing

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