COVID-19 proofs

Easily check-in with fintract OCR-API. Get in contact Digitize your COVID checkwith our OCR interface. Automated recognition of COVID-19 proofs can significantly speed up your check-in process and thus increase your customers’ satisfaction. fintract OCR automatically detects all types of COVID-19 proofs, such as vaccination and convalescence proofs or test results. Using optical character recognition […]

Pension information

Digitize fintract OCR-APIwith fintract OCR API Get in contact Calculate the pension gap with our OCR solution. With the automation of pension information, you can quickly determine the expected statutory retirement pension. Employees and insured persons regularly receive information about their acquired pension entitlements, including annually from the age of 27 from German pension insurance […]


Digitize payrolls with fintract OCR API. Get in contact now Generate your customer profile in no time with our OCR solution. Automate payroll to perform real-time credit checks, such as for lending. Digitizing payrolls with fintract OCR is quite simple: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically reads data from documents, extracts it in real-time, and converts […]

Delivery notes

Digitize delivery notes with fintract OCR-API. Get in contact now Automate your enterprise resource planning with our OCR solution. Digitizing delivery notes can significantly speed up internal processes and save costs. Entering goods movements is often time-critical in the merchandise management process and entails considerable administrative work for employees. Incoming goods need to be booked, […]

Payment advices

Digitize Payment Advices efficiently with fintract OCR-API. Get in contact Streamline your Invoice workflow with our OCR Solution. Automatic digitization of your payment advices helps you avoid potential sources of error, speed up your invoice processing, and save costs. These days, many companies still process invoice documents manually and record data in the company’s accounting […]

Extracts from the commercial register

Simplifyyour KYC process with fintract OCR-API. Get in contact now Easily digitize register excerpts. With the automated reading of company information, you can speed up your KYC processes and save on customer acquisition costs. Within the framework of the identification and verification of new and existing customers (= “Know Your Customer Process” or “KYC” for […]

Identity documents

fintract OCR-API Simplified automation of identity verification Get in contact now Speed up your identity checkwith our OCR solution. With an automated legitimation check, you can not only avoid possible sources of error but also speed up the process and save costs. fintract OCR extracts all relevant data from ID cards, passports, and other identification […]

Transfer forms

Transfer forms transfer forms with fintract OCR API Get in contact now Easily automate your transfer process and save costs with our OCR solution. Transfer function in just two clicks. Despite the progress of digitization, a lot of data is still transferred manually, such as payment data from remittance slips. This costs a lot of […]

Account and credit card statements

Automated account analysis with fintract OCR-API. Get in contact Automated reading of account and credit card statements simplifies the credit check process. Our fintract OCR API solution helps you streamline your credit checks and thus accelerate the granting of loans, a mong others things. It is becoming increasingly important in the financial sector to design […]